10 Year Tenant – Commercial Storage Units, Melbourne FL


Matt Walker, owner of M&M Air and Heat appreciates the personal customer service and central location of Viera Storage Company.  With his service area stretching down to Grant in the South, up to Port St. John in the North and West to Orlando, Viera Storage Company, located off of I-95 is in center of all the action.

Because Service is Our Business!

Viera Storage Office
Here at Viera Storage Co., our dedicated team is committed to providing the highest level of professionalism and customer service. We make it easy for you! No long drives, no hauling boxes down hallways (drive-up units). Just drive your car/truck to our convenient location, park right next to your personal or business storage unit and load/unload! We offer fast. easy. convenient, secure and professional service to determine the right size unit for your storage needs and budget.

Count on a top-notch on-site management team to maintain a clean and secure storage facility. Our management team is highly trained to answer your questions and help you find the best fit to your requirements and budget.


We offer a variety of storage units to meet both personal and business needs. Drive Up and Interior Temperature Controlled
All Drive Up Ground Level Garage Units
Climate and non-climate controlled units available
Full line of moving and packing supplies

Video Surveillance
Access Control
Professional Onsite Management

Storage Supplies

Large Selection Of Boxes
Bubble Wrap, Wrapping Paper
Dish Saver Kits, Tape
Packing Materials
Lock & Rope

Stress FREE Packing Tips from Viera Storage Co

Packing up for an upcoming move can be stressful on so many different levels; Viera Storage Co has some helpful hints that make that stressful move go to “Wow that was EASY”.

Viera Packing Supplies

Tip #1: Remembering timing is everything; create a system. Start by packing a certain number of boxes per day. Be aware of what you will still be using and won’t be using and start by packing up all the items you want need.

Tip #2: A system needs structure; for our structure we’re going to pack room to room; not mixing things from other rooms. This makes unpacking an easier task as well. Remember when packing up those small figurines to wrap them before placing them in the box.

Tip #3: LABEL! Colored labels work the best. Label each box for each specific room in a different color. This will also really assist in the un-packing progress.

Tip #4: Make sure when wrapping your prized possessions using proper moving materials. You can purchase bubble wrap, wrapping paper and peanuts to help protect your belongings. Packing materials such as newspapers have been known to leave marks on items. No one wants ink left on their possessions.

Tip #5: As silly as it may sound; make sure your only using boxes designed for moving. When you use boxes from grocery stores and or restaurants they aren’t always strong enough to withhold all the items placed in them for moving.

Tip #6: When unpacking those breakable prized possessions make sure you’re unwrapping them over the box they came out of. Why you ask? Well if by some random instance you happen to drop them; they will find a soft landing on top of packing material. This will reduce the chance they have of breaking. Which in turn will lessen the amount of tears shed do to “causalities” of moving.

Tip #7: Just a reminder that some household items will not be allowed in your moving shipment due to fact that they are “hazardous”. Items like; paint, varnish/thinners; oil/bottled gas; cleaning fluids/detergents; nail polish/remover should not be packed or stored.

Tip #8: Speaking from Experience; make sure you take all your irreplaceable items for the “just in case instances”. Items such as special photos; financial papers; any legal documents; jewelry; medical/family history records should be packed accordingly.