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Viera Storage Co. is your perfect storage solution to protect your valuable cars and vehicles from the hot Florida whether. Viera Storage Co. offers great climate controlled parking and storage for all of your vehicles! You can fit your car, boat, trailer, motorcycle or jet ski comfortably inside our units. Also, with the convenience to drive up to the unit and pull inside gives you easy access at all times. We have climate controlled drive-up units available in 10×15, 10×20, 10×30 units. Viera Storage Co. also, had outdoor parking spots for larger boats, trailers, and RV’s.

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Because Service is Our Business!

Viera Storage Office
Here at Viera Storage Co., our dedicated team is committed to providing the highest level of professionalism and customer service. We make it easy for you! No long drives, no hauling boxes down hallways (drive-up units). Just drive your car/truck to our convenient location, park right next to your personal or business storage unit and load/unload! We offer fast. easy. convenient, secure and professional service to determine the right size unit for your storage needs and budget.

Count on a top-notch on-site management team to maintain a clean and secure storage facility. Our management team is highly trained to answer your questions and help you find the best fit to your requirements and budget.


We offer a variety of storage units to meet both personal and business needs. Drive Up and Interior Temperature Controlled
All Drive Up Ground Level Garage Units
Climate and non-climate controlled units available
Full line of moving and packing supplies

Video Surveillance
Access Control
Professional Onsite Management

Storage Supplies

Large Selection Of Boxes
Bubble Wrap, Wrapping Paper
Dish Saver Kits, Tape
Packing Materials
Lock & Rope

Staying Sane while Un-packing

“It can be DONE!”

Finally, all your possession have arrived at your new home. Now the question is, “Where do I start?”  Unpacking can be an overwhelming task.  You have to find the perfect place for everything, from the pictures on the wall to which drawer you want the silverware in.  Here at Viera Storage Co. in Melbourne, FL we’ve come up with some “Staying Sane Tips” to help you along the way.

  1. Use the same system you created when you packed up all those prized possessions. Get all the boxes into the appropriate rooms; kitchen goes in the kitchen; bedroom items go into the right bedroom and so on. Do not open the boxes until you have them all in the correct rooms.
  2. Start with the essentials. Remember those items that you packed up last because you were going to need them up to the end of your move? Well those are going to be the items you need first so it would make the most sense to open those boxes first, right?
  3. Game Plan! Make sure you have an idea of where you want all your furniture and set it up before you start opening up all the boxes.  It will save you time and sanity if you have your furniture set up so there’s somewhere to place all the items you have boxed up.
  4. For the sanity and love of all those around you; PLEASE don’t try and unpack everything in one day! You’ll not only drive yourself crazy but everyone who’s helping you as well.  Start with the kitchen and see how you feel and then move on from there. It’s not a mad dash to get it done you have time and if you’re like me you’ll want it to be perfect and perfection takes time.
  5. “Homey” touch. As simple has setting out some pictures will make you feel more settled; and make the new place feel more like “home”.

Come into our office to talk with our staff about other useful tips. Viera Storage Co. has merchandise available for purchase for all your packing needs.

Tips to make sure Viera Storage Co. is the Storage Facility for You!

Viera Storage Company

Tip #1: Do your homework! Stop by for a tour of our facility. We will show you our units to determine which size works best. We offer many unit sizes to fit all your needs.

Tip #2: Don’t make your mind up based on price alone. Think beyond the price. Do we have best benefits that fit your needs? Do we give you access to our property when you need it? (We offer 24 hour gate access) Is our facility located nearby? (Best access in Viera! Right off I-95) Are our office hours suited for the best guest service? (Need assistance after our normal business hours; call the office and make an appointment; we are here to serve you!) Finally, how secure is our facility? (We’re a completely fenced in facility with cameras all over the property).

Tip #3: Consider the Florida Climate. Decide if you’d prefer climate control verses non-climate control. Depending on what you’ll be placing in your storage unit you might rather have a climate controlled unit verse a non-climate controlled unit. Especially if you are storing furniture, artwork, or priceless family items a climate controlled unit can preserve your belongings from the Florida heat.

Tip #4: Insurance. Protection is always the best policy. Here at Viera Storage Co. we require all our units to have insurance on them. In most cases, your current policies from your Home-owners and Renter’s policies cover your units. Otherwise we do offer a variety of policies starting as low as $8 per month. You can never be too careful with your prized possessions.

Tip #5: Organize your unit effectively. We sell a variety of boxes to help you organize your unit with or you can also stop by our office and talk to our friendly team about any ideas they might have to help you. They’re always coming up with new tips to help organize units. Knowledge is power. Also, check out our Facebook page as it contains lots of helpful tips.