10 Year Tenant – Commercial Storage Units, Melbourne FL


Matt Walker, owner of M&M Air and Heat appreciates the personal customer service and central location of Viera Storage Company.  With his service area stretching down to Grant in the South, up to Port St. John in the North and West to Orlando, Viera Storage Company, located off of I-95 is in center of all the action.

Our Personal Tips


We have listed a few self storage tips that are typically not thought of when you are in the process of moving into a storage unit! These are helpful handy tips that keep your storage organized and safe during the rental time.

  • Select medium uniform sized boxes that are easy to handle, sturdy and easy to stack. Label each box on the side and top for easy identification.
  • Leave a few inches of air space around the inside perimeter of the unit to promote air flow. Place wooden strips or pallets on the floor to protect against moisture.
  • Stack heavy non-breakables on the bottom, lighter and fragile items on the top. Place items you need often near the front of the unit
  • Do not forget to secure your unit with a good lock and provide insurance coverage on your items while they are in storage.

The Dont’s of Storing

While storing with us, there are many useful tips online for storing at a facility. But we are sharing some storage DON’Ts to help your storing experience go smoothly!

We recommend following these tips:


  • Do not store any food items.  This will prevent any unwanted guests.
  • Do not pack your boxes so that they are too heavy to carry them.  Especially when you are packing books.
  • Do not assume that your homeowners or renters insurance will cover your belongings while in storage.  Purchase the insurance with us!
  • Do not give out your password, gate code or any information to any one that is not listed as having access.
  • Do not use printed newspaper for wrapping.  The ink may smudge and get on your items. We sell packing paper in the store!
  • Do not forget to clean appliances before you store them.
  • Do not store any toxins or flammables such as paint, oil, or gasoline.
  • Do not store any gases, propane tanks, or chemicals.
  • Do not store any explosives, ammunition, or firearms.

These are to keep you and others safe and your storage experience great!

Staying Sane while Un-packing

“It can be DONE!”

Finally, all your possession have arrived at your new home. Now the question is, “Where do I start?”  Unpacking can be an overwhelming task.  You have to find the perfect place for everything, from the pictures on the wall to which drawer you want the silverware in.  Here at Viera Storage Co. in Melbourne, FL we’ve come up with some “Staying Sane Tips” to help you along the way.

  1. Use the same system you created when you packed up all those prized possessions. Get all the boxes into the appropriate rooms; kitchen goes in the kitchen; bedroom items go into the right bedroom and so on. Do not open the boxes until you have them all in the correct rooms.
  2. Start with the essentials. Remember those items that you packed up last because you were going to need them up to the end of your move? Well those are going to be the items you need first so it would make the most sense to open those boxes first, right?
  3. Game Plan! Make sure you have an idea of where you want all your furniture and set it up before you start opening up all the boxes.  It will save you time and sanity if you have your furniture set up so there’s somewhere to place all the items you have boxed up.
  4. For the sanity and love of all those around you; PLEASE don’t try and unpack everything in one day! You’ll not only drive yourself crazy but everyone who’s helping you as well.  Start with the kitchen and see how you feel and then move on from there. It’s not a mad dash to get it done you have time and if you’re like me you’ll want it to be perfect and perfection takes time.
  5. “Homey” touch. As simple has setting out some pictures will make you feel more settled; and make the new place feel more like “home”.

Come into our office to talk with our staff about other useful tips. Viera Storage Co. has merchandise available for purchase for all your packing needs.

Stress FREE Packing Tips from Viera Storage Co

Packing up for an upcoming move can be stressful on so many different levels; Viera Storage Co has some helpful hints that make that stressful move go to “Wow that was EASY”.

Viera Packing Supplies

Tip #1: Remembering timing is everything; create a system. Start by packing a certain number of boxes per day. Be aware of what you will still be using and won’t be using and start by packing up all the items you want need.

Tip #2: A system needs structure; for our structure we’re going to pack room to room; not mixing things from other rooms. This makes unpacking an easier task as well. Remember when packing up those small figurines to wrap them before placing them in the box.

Tip #3: LABEL! Colored labels work the best. Label each box for each specific room in a different color. This will also really assist in the un-packing progress.

Tip #4: Make sure when wrapping your prized possessions using proper moving materials. You can purchase bubble wrap, wrapping paper and peanuts to help protect your belongings. Packing materials such as newspapers have been known to leave marks on items. No one wants ink left on their possessions.

Tip #5: As silly as it may sound; make sure your only using boxes designed for moving. When you use boxes from grocery stores and or restaurants they aren’t always strong enough to withhold all the items placed in them for moving.

Tip #6: When unpacking those breakable prized possessions make sure you’re unwrapping them over the box they came out of. Why you ask? Well if by some random instance you happen to drop them; they will find a soft landing on top of packing material. This will reduce the chance they have of breaking. Which in turn will lessen the amount of tears shed do to “causalities” of moving.

Tip #7: Just a reminder that some household items will not be allowed in your moving shipment due to fact that they are “hazardous”. Items like; paint, varnish/thinners; oil/bottled gas; cleaning fluids/detergents; nail polish/remover should not be packed or stored.

Tip #8: Speaking from Experience; make sure you take all your irreplaceable items for the “just in case instances”. Items such as special photos; financial papers; any legal documents; jewelry; medical/family history records should be packed accordingly.