The Dont’s of Storing

While storing with us, there are many useful tips online for storing at a facility. But we are sharing some storage DON’Ts to help your storing experience go smoothly!

We recommend following these tips:


  • Do not store any food items.  This will prevent any unwanted guests.
  • Do not pack your boxes so that they are too heavy to carry them.  Especially when you are packing books.
  • Do not assume that your homeowners or renters insurance will cover your belongings while in storage.  Purchase the insurance with us!
  • Do not give out your password, gate code or any information to any one that is not listed as having access.
  • Do not use printed newspaper for wrapping.  The ink may smudge and get on your items. We sell packing paper in the store!
  • Do not forget to clean appliances before you store them.
  • Do not store any toxins or flammables such as paint, oil, or gasoline.
  • Do not store any gases, propane tanks, or chemicals.
  • Do not store any explosives, ammunition, or firearms.

These are to keep you and others safe and your storage experience great!

One thought on “The Dont’s of Storing”

  1. It is interesting for me to learn a little bit about what to store and what not store. This helps me understand what lasts better. I now know how to keep this more organized.

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