Tips to make sure Viera Storage Co. is the Storage Facility for You!

Viera Storage Company

Tip #1: Do your homework! Stop by for a tour of our facility. We will show you our units to determine which size works best. We offer many unit sizes to fit all your needs.

Tip #2: Don’t make your mind up based on price alone. Think beyond the price. Do we have best benefits that fit your needs? Do we give you access to our property when you need it? (We offer 24 hour gate access) Is our facility located nearby? (Best access in Viera! Right off I-95) Are our office hours suited for the best guest service? (Need assistance after our normal business hours; call the office and make an appointment; we are here to serve you!) Finally, how secure is our facility? (We’re a completely fenced in facility with cameras all over the property).

Tip #3: Consider the Florida Climate. Decide if you’d prefer climate control verses non-climate control. Depending on what you’ll be placing in your storage unit you might rather have a climate controlled unit verse a non-climate controlled unit. Especially if you are storing furniture, artwork, or priceless family items a climate controlled unit can preserve your belongings from the Florida heat.

Tip #4: Insurance. Protection is always the best policy. Here at Viera Storage Co. we require all our units to have insurance on them. In most cases, your current policies from your Home-owners and Renter’s policies cover your units. Otherwise we do offer a variety of policies starting as low as $8 per month. You can never be too careful with your prized possessions.

Tip #5: Organize your unit effectively. We sell a variety of boxes to help you organize your unit with or you can also stop by our office and talk to our friendly team about any ideas they might have to help you. They’re always coming up with new tips to help organize units. Knowledge is power. Also, check out our Facebook page as it contains lots of helpful tips.

Stress FREE Packing Tips from Viera Storage Co

Packing up for an upcoming move can be stressful on so many different levels; Viera Storage Co has some helpful hints that make that stressful move go to “Wow that was EASY”.

Viera Packing Supplies

Tip #1: Remembering timing is everything; create a system. Start by packing a certain number of boxes per day. Be aware of what you will still be using and won’t be using and start by packing up all the items you want need.

Tip #2: A system needs structure; for our structure we’re going to pack room to room; not mixing things from other rooms. This makes unpacking an easier task as well. Remember when packing up those small figurines to wrap them before placing them in the box.

Tip #3: LABEL! Colored labels work the best. Label each box for each specific room in a different color. This will also really assist in the un-packing progress.

Tip #4: Make sure when wrapping your prized possessions using proper moving materials. You can purchase bubble wrap, wrapping paper and peanuts to help protect your belongings. Packing materials such as newspapers have been known to leave marks on items. No one wants ink left on their possessions.

Tip #5: As silly as it may sound; make sure your only using boxes designed for moving. When you use boxes from grocery stores and or restaurants they aren’t always strong enough to withhold all the items placed in them for moving.

Tip #6: When unpacking those breakable prized possessions make sure you’re unwrapping them over the box they came out of. Why you ask? Well if by some random instance you happen to drop them; they will find a soft landing on top of packing material. This will reduce the chance they have of breaking. Which in turn will lessen the amount of tears shed do to “causalities” of moving.

Tip #7: Just a reminder that some household items will not be allowed in your moving shipment due to fact that they are “hazardous”. Items like; paint, varnish/thinners; oil/bottled gas; cleaning fluids/detergents; nail polish/remover should not be packed or stored.

Tip #8: Speaking from Experience; make sure you take all your irreplaceable items for the “just in case instances”. Items such as special photos; financial papers; any legal documents; jewelry; medical/family history records should be packed accordingly.